Contract Works

Contract works insurance provides cover in respect of the works being carried out. This is a comprehensive cover and will often include tools and equipment that are hired in to carry the work out as well as items that have bought and delivered but not installed in the building.

If you are a contractor and require Contractors All Risks Insurance please click here. If you are a self builder and require Contract Works cover please click here.

The reason that contract works cover is needed is because it covers the actual work that has been done prior to it being completed. For example a householder may have full cover for his home to which he is adding an extension. The builder has completed the works to first fix stage and the property owner has paid half of the total agreed contract value. A break in occurs and all of the copper wire and plumbing is ripped out. The cost of replacing the stolen items and redoing the work would be covered by the contract works cover.
Equally if the property burnt down through no fault of the builder or contractors working on the building a contract works policy would pay for the work that had been done to be reinstated, including all materials required to reinstate.

It is possible to extend some works in progress policies to cover contract works, or it can be bought as a standalone policy by either the contractor (contractors all risks) or the property owner.

Forms & Fact Sheets

Proposal Form for Contractors All Risks Cover Proposal Form for Property and Works In Progress Cover