Insurance for Existing Structures and Works

If you own a property that you are going to change or extend then you will need insurance for the existing structure as well as the work to be done.

Insuring a building that is in a poor state, or one that is in a reasonable condition, but is undergoing works, requires a special insurance policy – home cover or property owners cover will not be suitable as, even if your insurers are prepared to consider covering the property while the work is going on, your cover is likely to be restricted to damage caused by Fire, Lightning, Explosion and Aircraft Impact (FLEA). As the most likely cause of a claim will be storm, flood or theft (Wet and Dry Perils), that will leave out a fair amount of important cover.

Building Project Insurance
A Building Project Insurance policy provides cover for the structure of properties that are undergoing works or renovation. In addition to providing cover for FLEA and Wet and Dry Perils, it can also be extended to include Accidental Damage cover.

Perhaps, more importantly, a Building Project Policy will provide cover for the works that are being undertaken as well as the existing structures. It’s a good idea to have the cover all in one place – it reduces the chances of arguments between insurers if there is a claim and it means that you, as the property owner, have control of the cover. This could be particularly important if you are using more than one contractor or you fall out with your builder and they walk off the job!

JCT and RIBA Contracts
A Building Project Insurance policy will need to be compatible with the insuring clauses of JCT and RIBA contracts. You will need a Building Project Insurance policy for the Structures and Works if you have a JCT Minor Works Contract with insuring clause 5.4b, JCT Intermediate Contract – Schedule 1, Option C and JCT Standard Contract – Option C.

Information that you will need
To get a quote for Building Project Insurance for an existing structure and works you will need to know the rebuilding cost of the existing structures and the cost of the proposed works.

Get a quote
You can obtain a quote for your building project by filling in one of our proposal forms or calling us on 01825 745 410 – we recommend that you call us as we are always happy to talk through the various options available.


Proposal Form for Property and Works In Progress Cover