Construction Warranties and Guarantees

A Structural Warranty is an insurance policy that’s designed to protect against structural defects in new buildings, normally for a period of up to 12 years after completion. A Structural Warranty will provide protection against structural defects in either workmanship or the risk of failure with construction materials.

Selling your property
A Structural Warranty can be particularly important if you are thinking of selling your home. Without an approved warranty in place, mortgage lenders may not be prepared to lend against your home and this could delay the sale of your property or mean that you can’t get a remortgage or secured loan.

Buying a Structural Warranty
It is more cost effective to buy a warranty before you start building your project as the provider will be able to inspect the build as it takes place, rather than relying on all the work being done correctly when it has been completed.

If you need a warranty or a guarantee for your project, the Expert Insurance Group can help you arrange one of these. From full Structural Warranties to Underpinning Guarantees we are able to provide the cover that you need. Our products cover Private Sales, Self Build and Conversion projects as well as New Build and Completed Properties. We can also provide access to Building Control services.

Forms & Fact Sheets

Proposal Form For New Build Construction Guarantees
Proposal Form For Completed Properties Construction Guarantees
Proposal form for self build Construction Guarantees
Proposal form for Commerical Guarantee Construction Guarantees